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Hygiene Care Services

At Home Care in Garner, NC

Supporting seniors in Garner, NC and the surrounding area with hygiene care at home

At Home Care – Hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene can benefit many other aspects of life. When one looks and feels good, it can boost their confidence and overall quality of life. At Home Eldercare of West Wake County ensures that our care team members are fully trained to provide necessary hygiene support and care for those who are struggling to keep up with their personal care. Mobility and balance issues can make these tasks more difficult. We can help support you in this area so you aren’t lacking in your hygiene care.

We can aide with traditional bathing or showering as well as sponge  or bed baths.

This includes hair care (brushing, washing, etc), shaving, and nail care

Skin Care
This includes basic skin hygiene, and reminders to take skin medications

Oral Hygiene
Including brushing of teeth, flossing, assistance with dentures and help with general oral care

Incontinence Care
Including help with bedside commodes, urinals, urinary drainage bags, and ostomy pouches

Care at Home

Technology also provides various outlets for socialization. Senior citizens are increasingly using smartphones and the internet, giving them access to higher tech forms of interaction. Platforms and apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Facetime, and others enable people to stay in touch with family and friends even if they no longer live nearby. Our caregivers are prepared to provide support by assisting our clients with basic technical support and connecting them through technology. They can assist with the creation of social media accounts, the sending of emails, connecting via video chat, and other similar services.

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At Home Eldercare believes that caregiving goes beyond simply meeting our clients’ physical needs. Our at home care services prioritize providing social support and care so that you can thrive in your own home.

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