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Care for Seniors – Light Housekeeping

Do you or a loved one have mobility, memory, or other issues that make housekeeping difficult? What were once routine tasks can become more difficult as one ages, but maintaining a clean living space and a tidy surroundings can help the home to remain a safe environment for seniors. A comprehensive plan of care for seniors from At Home Eldercare of Winston-Salem can help meet these needs. If you would benefit from light housekeeping as part of our senior care plan, please contact us right away!

Housekeeping Care for Seniors

What is included in light housekeeping care for seniors?

While we do not provide full house cleaning services, we can provide basic assistance to ensure that the home remains safe, clean, and easy to navigate.

  • We will collaborate with you to develop a list of tasks that would benefit from additional assistance. Among these tasks are:
    • Cleaning the dishes
    • Laundry
    • Surface cleaning, dusting, and sanitizing
    • Garbage removal
    • Bed linen replacement and washing
    • Vacuuming
    • Cleaning the bathroom
    • Helping with organization
  • Once the list and plan have been developed, we can assist you in one of two ways: we can work with you to complete these tasks, providing support where you struggle while allowing you to maintain more independence in maintaining your home, or we can perform these tasks for you.
  • Light housekeeping services can be performed on whatever schedule works best for you – daily, weekly, or monthly – or we can customize a plan that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle.

Our companion and personal care plans both include light housekeeping services. Companion care for seniors offers basic assistance while encouraging as much independence as possible. Companion care can include errand running, meal preparation, medication reminders, and other services in addition to housekeeping. Our personal care plans are more comprehensive and can include services such as dressing, bathing, ambulation, and more. Click below to learn more about our senior care plans!

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